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beach fun

A week and a half ago, we headed to Cannon Beach.  It was the first vacation we’ve been on that I haven’t been sick or pregnant for (and these are basically synonyms for me) in a long time – actually since the end of 2012, if you can believe that.  How sad!  It made this trip all the more enjoyable, though.

After weeks of broiling hot weather here in Seattle, it cooled down for our trip.  That was good because no hotels in this area have a/c, but it was bad because it tends to be very cool on the coast.  We actually ended up all wearing the warmest clothes we’d brought more or less the entire time.

For H, that meant a T-shirt and shorts.  He was cold, but he survived.

I love the Oregon coast.  For a variety of reasons, it’s nicer than the Washington coast, at least for a vacation.  Washington has some beautiful coastline, but it’s National Park and therefore there is nowhere to stay.  Other parts are on reservations, meaning again there is nowhere to stay and limited development.  And still other parts are just not well taken care of – overdeveloped, cars and trucks allowed on the beach, and leash laws that make taking Mr. P no fun.

B and L both loved playing in the sand.  Farther back from the water there was less wind, so we actually didn’t get our feet wet all that often.  That made me a little sad, but oh well.  Next time.

L is really into sand toys these days.

So is H.

The haystack is as beautiful as ever.  Is is always mobbed with people, while the rest of the beach is not crowded at all.  In general, one of the nice things about Oregon beaches is that they are huge, one of the few truly lovely places on our overcrowded planet you can enjoy in solitude without having to hike miles and miles.

L, blown to bits.

Buying and flying a kite was a definite highlight.  Winds were gusting up to 30 mph on the beach, so we actually had to seek a less windy, more sheltered place to fly it.  L was even able to handle it herself a bit.

Unfortunately, after we got back, I ended up having a random canker sore breakout.  I have gotten canker sores my entire life, or as long as I can remember.  Since B’s birth, they’ve gotten worse – they just don’t really seem to heal.  The fact that I am a mouth breather I think definitely makes things worse, as does general dehydration due to breastfeeding.  Anyway, I got nine canker sores more or less at once, and it was unbelievably painful and pretty much made last week miserable.  I was maxing out on OTC pain relievers.  I just wish I knew the cause.  The cause of these sores is basically unknown (canker sores ~= cold sores).  Hopefully one of these days, they’ll figure it out.  Apparently some people don’t get them at all, which blows my mind and makes me very jealous, but I guess we all have our problems.  I’m thinking about getting my deviated septum fixed, and I think this is one of many things that would be helped.

We did make it out boating for the first time since B was born.  We rented a speed boat for about $350 – very pricey, but I remind myself it’s much cheaper than owning a boat, and we obviously don’t do this often.  We’re hoping to get involved in a local sailing club, which is cheaper, but it’s tough to find time.

A good time was had by all, but at the same time, going out boating, even on a motor boat for a couple of hours, is not easy with two small children.  I have to admit it made me miss being young and childless.


In less than 12 hours, we’ll be taking our first plane journey as a family of four.  Given all that’s been going on, I’m glad I don’t have to fly solo with the two kids, but I’m still a bit nervous.  I think L is going to be a great traveler, but B will be more challenging and of course my damn ears always stress me out.  Still, one direct flight – it should be smooth sailing, I think.

backpacking memories

Late night Gilmore Girls has made me reminisce about my Europe trip.  11 weeks.  $1200 or thereabouts.  22 years old.  A 30 pound pack with the bare essentials.  I was in such amazing shape by the end of the summer after hauling that thing around!  Limerick, the Aran Islands, Dingle, Dunquin, Castlegregory, other points in Kerry , Dublin, Castledermot, Dinan, Cap Frehel, Rennes, Bourdeaux, Nimes, Arles, Avignon, Girona, Cuenca, Morella, Caceres, Trujillo, Arcos de la Ventura, Sevilla, Granada and Malaga.  Will I ever do anything like that again?  I hope so.  But when?

Day 1 & Day 2

I’ve created an Album for Day 1 of our Japan trip. My ambitious goal is to create an album for every day. This is mostly for B and I’s benefit, but if you’d like to look, here’s a link to the first.

Japan – Day 1

Day 2:

Day 2 – Nikko and Shinjuku

I have A LOT to learn as a videographer. Nevertheless, here’s a (blurry) video I took in Shinjuku the second night.