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justice and justices

What the Republicans did in not confirming Merrick Garland was egregious.  By comparison, rushing to confirm Amy Barrett Browning seems fair and reasonable.  The real sin was failing to confirm Merrick, not rushing to confirm Amy.  But – here we are.  The Democrats seem powerless to stop Browning’s confirmation.  I’m pretty opposed to screwing up our Democratic institutions, and packing the court definitely falls under that umbrella.  I’m so opposed, I’d be hesitant to even vote for Biden if he fails to state that he won’t pack the court.

And yet . . . adding two justices to the court would null out Trump’s pick that replaced Garland and add the Garland equivalent that should have been added to the bench.  Which seems fair.

Again, RBG could have averted all this.  So I kind of blame her.  But mostly I blame the Republicans for failing to confirm Merrick Garland.


When I heard RBG had passed, I had three reactions in this order:

1.) Sadness.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an icon well worthy of admiration for women everywhere.  I love that an elderly intellectual woman became such a popular hero.

2.) Worry over her replacement.  Democrats may win the battle to delay appointment of a new justice past the election.  Honestly, I think the travesty was the failure of Obama’s appointment of Merrick.  However, I think Trump has an excellent change of being reelected.

3.) Anger.  RBG was 87.  Why the hell didn’t she step down during Obama’s term?  She said that her greatest wish was to have the next administration appoint her replacement, but words are empty.  Actions are what count.  RBG absolutely had full authority to ensure a likeminded replacement.  RBG was an incredible woman.  But are there not other incredible women who could have filled her shoes?  Kagan and Sotomayor are doing a great job!

I honestly feel like RBG tarnished her legacy significantly by failing to step down sooner.

Yes, it will be hypocritical if the Republicans appoint someone now.  But RBG easily could have died any time in the last four years.  And Trump may be reelected.  To assure her succession, she needed to step down five years ago, at age 82.

I’m curious if others agree with me.  All I see in the news and social media are people talking about how great she was.  Am I the only one also angry with her?

However, I loved these two articles on hyprocrisy.  Genius.  One.  And two.

a few words

So much going on in the world.

I’ve thought a lot about what to say about George Floyd, and Ahmaud.  Obviously it’s wrong.   What to do?  I remember very clearly the protests in Ferguson occurring in 2014, because I was in labor with Briony in 8/19, ten days after Michael Brown was shot.  It seems not much has changed since then.  The only person whose really given me hope about this situation is Barack Obama.  I guess that’s sort of his trademark, hope.  I wish we could re-elect him.

I’ve been swearing up and down that I’m going to vote Republican locally for the first time in my life in the upcoming elections due to what I perceive as King County’s ineffective and unreasonable Covid restrictions, which ultimately hurt the poor the most.  This kind of thing makes it really hard to do that.


I can’t believe that we only have 75% of the results back from Iowa.  If I were Buttigieg, I’d be furious.  Speaking of Mr. B, am I the only one who has no idea how to pronounce his name?  I like Buttigieg, I do, but I have to say that I do not think being mayor of South Bend qualifies you to become president, even if you are smart, good-looking and a veteran.  We set the qualification bar pretty low with Obama (who turned out to be awesome) and lower still with Trump (not so awesome), but honestly, I think you could argue Buttigieg is even less qualified than Trump, if that’s possible.  But seriously, the head of the Iowa Democrats needs to step down.  Also, this debacle is why having the government stage a massive takeover of healthcare is a terrible idea.  Having a government health insurance *option* is the right choice.  If it’s run well, everyone will choose that option, and private healthcare will mostly disappear.  If it’s run poorly, we’ll all be glad we’re not forced to use it.

S is sleeping on my chest, and I’m tempted to put her down, but she’ll likely wake up.  I’m desperate for a nap, though.  We went to the grocery store together today, for the second time, and she was awake the whole time, looking around, just drinking in the scenery.  It must be an amazing thing, seeing a grocery store for the first time.



mini rant

Sanders is not my favorite.  I find him to be a loose cannon, in some ways reminiscent of Donald Trump in terms of being a maverick and not following established rules.  I get a sexist vibe off him as well.  However, if he is anything, he’s principled, and in a he-said / she-said contest between Sanders and Warren, I believe Sanders.  Warren I find generally slippery and very capable of bending and stretching the truth.  Did Sanders say something about the difficulty of a woman winning president?  Probably.  Did he say what Warren says he said and he denies?  Highly doubtful.  I think it’s about as true as it is true that Warren is a Native American who did not benefit from claiming said ancestry when hiring on at Harvard.


I find articles about the percent of Republicans and Democrats who support impeachment interesting.  They almost seem to suggest that Trump should be impeached if it’s the will of the people.  But we are going to have a new Democratically elected president in a mere 12 months.  Surely the people will be able to express their will at that time!  The impeachment movement almost feels as if the Democrats don’t expect to win.  Given their apparent disdain for Trump, this is puzzling.  If he is the devil incarnate, surely the Democrats can dig up one lousy candidate who can beat him!

Let’s examine our front runner.  She:

  • Favors single payer healthcare
  • Supports government making generic drugs, government negotiating prices on drugs
  • Wants to end cash bail, minimum sentences, and private prisons and wants ex-cons to be able to vote
  • Wants a $15 federal minimum wage
  • Supports reparations to AAs for slavery
  • Advocates a wealth tax and across the board tax increases
  • Thinks college should be “free”
  • Wants to cancel some student debt
  • Wants to eliminate the electoral college
  • Wants the government to regulate carbon emissions
  • Supports background checks, wants to ban assault weapons
  • Unlimited abortion rights
  • Decriminalize illegal immigration
  • Legalize marijuana
  • Slash defense budget
  • Nothing meaningful on trade
  • Paid maternity leave

(FWIW, I agree with many of her positions, strongly disagree on a few, and mostly think she won’t be able to pass the vast majority of it.  Just as the damage Trump has been able to do has been quite limited, Warren will also be very limited in what she can do, for better or for worse.  Slashing the defense budget, for example, sounds all well and good, but I’ll eat my socks if it happens.  What that really means is eliminating a whole heck of a lot of jobs and pissing off innumerable local politicians – not so popular or feasible.  A strong president with support, like Obama, can do one big thing, if he or she is lucky.  So what I’d like to know is, what is Elizabeth Warren’s one big thing?  I’m guessing women still won’t be getting paid maternity leave . . . again.)

Anyway, back to impeachment.  Could it be that the Democrats realize that most Americans don’t support the above platform any more than they support Trump’s platform overall?   And they expect to lose as a result?  And are therefore pursuing impeachment?  That’s what it feels like to me.