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the first day back

well, i have arrived back in virginia. yesterday was one of the most torturous days i have experienced in recent memory. courtney and i decided to go to a party dan berisford was having. i drank like i had a tolerance, and got extremely sick. that’s right – i survived 22 years without getting sick off alcohol and finally my luck ran out. or perhaps more accurately, my prudence. well, getting sick is never good, but i had to get up at the crack of dawn and finish packing (though in all honesty, my parents did most of it) and then suffer through an 8 hour drive back to va. the was ill the whole way, but the first 4 hours were absolute torture. never again. i guess that’s what they all say.

anyway, it’s weird being back. i don’t have anything i have to do. there’s not the same impetus to get up in the morning. well, actually, i have to unpack, plan my trip to europe and half a dozen other things, but in general, i can afford to be much more leisurely. i guess my journal entries are going to be pretty boring for a while. i’ll have to see who is in town. this is the first time in a while i’ve been in va for any length of time.

i was going to finish my rambles about graduation, but there isn’t much more to say. it was incredibly sad saying goodbye to daniel – i’m really, really going to miss him. god only knows when and if we’ll ever see each other again.