another ski day

I took L and B skiing today, and as usual, it was a bit of an existential struggle.  Well, perhaps just tiring . . . but oh so tiring!  But also as usual, I’m glad we went.

B has the green pants, and L has the bright orange/pink pants and blue coat.

Usually when we go to Crystal, I put the girls in lessons, as they have a wonderful lesson program, in contrast to the other local resort we go to.  However, it’s expensive, and they’ve definitely reached a point where we can ski together.   It was about 30 degrees at the base, maybe 25 degrees at mid mountain.  Lift lines were longer than usual, probably due to MLK weekend, so we mostly skied the bottom half of the mountain where they were shorter, but we sadly didn’t get to ski as much on the powder on the top half.  25-30 degrees seems quite warm for skiing but perhaps because it was snowing steadily the whole time, the girls and I were very chilled by the time we left and might have stayed longer otherwise.  For my part, the girls were skiing much more slowly than I usually do, and as a result, I wasn’t getting as much exercise or getting my heart rate up as much as usual, and I think that contributed to being cold.

We stuck to the green runs as I didn’t want to have to try and rescue them if they had a bad fall on a blue run.  It was actually really fun to ski runs all day that I could ski confidently and without any stress at all.

Life has been stressful and will continue to be so for a while yet.  So many decisions, so much uncertainty, so many logistics to be attended to, and trips coming up.  Oh the logistics!  We’re in the thick of things.  My parents are at the other end.  I’m grateful for my relative youth and all that is in my life, even if it’s beyond exhausting at times.  One day at a time.

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