tired and cranky

I am exhausted and demoralized this evening.  It’s inevitable to feel like this from time to time, of course.  I ran a half marathon last weekend as a training run, and I ran it faster than planned, which was predictable, but my legs are just so sore now, and I am also still just feeling exhausted.  My training plan called for 8 miles today (with the stroller) so off I went, then 90 minutes at the playground with S, then lunch and this and that, then picking up the girls from school, dropping L at swim, and taking B to soccer.  Soccer is too far from home to just drop her off, so I stayed and chased S for an hour.  Then home, dinner, bedtime routine, etc.  NBD, but I am just so, so tired.  A young, single person can take it easy after a half marathon.  A parent comes home to childcare.

They finally opened the border with Europe, which is great – about fing time.  But we had randomly ended up planning a trip to Kona at the same time as friends of ours, and they are now planning to cancel and go to Europe instead (as they are EU nationals).  Which is unfortunate.  I also realized that I’d booked our flights for the wrong day.  This was easily fixed, miraculously, but still makes me feel incapable of functioning as an adult.

We will have vaccines for kids in November, it seems, which should make me happy, but I feel that out here in the Democratic People’s Republic of Washington, nothing at all will change, and this depresses me immensely.

Finally, I’ve got all the signatures needed for my class, but I’ve been unable to find childcare using my usual nanny search methods.  I am not a hugely attractive employer (three kids, temporary job, part-time hours), and it is an employees’ market.  I’m not giving up, but right now I’m having serious doubts about whether I’ll be able to take the class.

2 thoughts on “tired and cranky

  1. becca

    Since you are in the Communist State of Washington, have you looked into whether the University offers any childcare options? I learned from law student friends, west coast universities seem to be all over “let’s help our grad students with child care.”

  2. admin Post author

    They might, but I’m not a graduate student. As a non-matriculated student, I’m not eligible for the normal student benefits.

    But you’re right, I should verify.

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