Biden and his vaccine mandate

Two things happened yesterday:

(1) Biden declared a vaccine mandate for all workers in companies with 100 or more people

(2) LA mandated vaccines for all students 12 and up

Personally, I am strongly supportive of the first, and really on the fence about the second.  The vaccine has not yet been approved for students under 16; it’s still under emergency use.  Children under 18 have extremely low risk from the virus; in the UK, they claim that the risk of the virus is only marginally greater than the risk from the vaccine for that age group.  Since most parents cannot afford private school or to quit work and home school and children must attend school, they might as well go door to door with armed guards and a pharmacist vaccinating children.  CA makes it virtually impossible for parents to opt out of vaccination requirements for school.

On the flip side, I really want this to end, and the FDA is taking its sweet time approving the vaccine.  Having vaccinated kids will mean less hysteria and fewer school closures.  I honestly go back and forth about whether I think this is the right thing to do or not.

On the flip side, for adults, the illness is more dangerous than the vaccine.  The older you are, the more lopsided the risk is.  It’s a no-brainer for any adult to get the vaccine, not only for their own well-being but for the well-being of society.  The vaccine is no longer under emergency use authorization for adults.  And if you really don’t want the vaccine, you can quit your job and go work for a company with less than 100 people.  Everybody is hiring right now.   The only thing is that this is a national mandate, unlike school vaccine mandates, which are usually by the states.

The hysteria over Biden’s announcement dwarfs reactions to vaccine mandate for LAUSD.  That’s obviously in part because it affects more people.  But in general, I am sick of the “suffer the children” mentality in the US.  Adults should be forced to vaccinate!  Kids are required to get all kinds of vaccines, many of which the vast majority of adults have not received.  It’s time adults stepped up and got their jabs and took one for the team.  Children have sacrificed so much for a disease that is – literally – less risk to them than the seasonal flu.  Why?  For the well-being of over-40s.

There are undoubtedly going to be legal challenges.  I sincerely hope Biden prevails.  I would honestly like to see some kind of mandate that forced the vaccine on every single adult over 60.  But this is a great step in the right direction.

4 thoughts on “Biden and his vaccine mandate

  1. admin Post author

    It seems very unlikely to me to hold up in court. I can see maybe making it work by saying it’s only for people who work in an office (or even outdoors with others), since their coworkers can be impacted by Covid, just like with cigarette smoke. But it’s hard to argue that someone being unvaccinated working from home has any impact on workplace safety. But I am just done with anti-vaxxers, so obviously I hope for the best.

    Ironically, this is just a perfect outcome for Republican governors. Just about all of them are vaccinated and want their citizens to get vaccinated, but because of civil liberties, aren’t going to impose vaccine mandates. This lets Biden take the fall for getting people vaccinated in those states, which will relieve pressure on hospitals and just be good all around.

    Right now, the advantage of being in GA or TX is that you can live your life without your kids’ school getting closed down and just basically have all the normal things in life – fairs, restaurants, etc. But you have stressed hospitals and the constant risk of getting Covid since lots of people aren’t vaccinated. If this law has a meaningful impact on the number of people vaccinated – or even if people test instead, which is not as good as vaccination, but actually pretty good per the CDC – there’s basically an end in sight for Republican states.

    Here in the Seattle area, I think this is going to have a minor impact, and on the Eastside, I think the impact will be negligible / not measurable. There’s pretty much no way out for us that I can see any time soon.

  2. becca

    This is where I make a pitch for Virginia being a pretty good place to live. Things are open and functioning, but with a bit more caution and without the “let it burn” attitude of places like Texas. Sure you might have to wear masks occasionally in places you would rather not (though not in uncrowded outdoor areas), or get your kids tested if they get a covid exposure before returning to school, but those seem rather minor annoyances compared to how you are describing WA – and we have high vaccination rates and very low case rates.

  3. admin Post author

    If I had my druthers, we’d move back to Virginia. I don’t particularly want to move to Texas. I don’t think I’d be happy there. Virginia or NC seems like a happy medium, and it’s near family.

    However, Jonathan is happy here, so I don’t think we’ll be moving in the near future. If in 18 months, things haven’t improved, I will push for moving, probably.

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