Daily Archives: July 3, 2021

drug cheats and marijuana

Mainstream media is doing its usual absolutely disastrous job of covering track and field.  Two prominent athletes have tested positive recently and their tests were made public: 1.) Shelby Houlihan, the US’s best middle/long distance runner and 2.) Sha’Carri Richardson, the US’s best sprinter.  Houlihan tested positive in December ’20, and Richardson tested positive during the trials.  The media in its usual idiocy has been equivalating the two.  But they are not even remotely similar.

1.) Houlihan tested positive for a steroid.  She has already appealed to the highest court that normally reviews athlete bans and lost, and has been banned for four years.  She was almost certainly microdosing the steroid (nandrolone) and who knows what else.  Since her positive test came out, she has been lying, lying, lying and has accepted no responsibility.  Her career is likely over, and rightly so.  (The sympathetic treatment of Houlihan in the US MSM is extremely unhelpful.)

2.) Richardson tested positive for marijuana.  She has acknowledged her error, not lied, and accepted responsibility.  In my opinion, she did something stupid, like most of us do from time to time, but not something morally reprehensible, and unlike Houlihan, she didn’t lie about it.  Personally, I think they should get rid the of the marijuana ban.  (It’s an international rule, so it’s not in the hands of the USATF, as far as I know.)  Her error was extraordinarily poorly timed, but she is only 21, and she has a bright career ahead of her.  I look forward to seeing her hopefully run the relay in Tokyo and see great success in the future.

Perhaps the most egregious article was this one in the New York Times.  Crouse proceeds to compare Sha’Carri to:

  1. Tiger Woods, the sex addict (I love Tiger Woods, but come on.)
  2. Suzy Favor Hamilton, who worked as an escort, aka prostitute and has publicly struggled with mental illness for decades
  3. Gwen Berry, whose disrespect during the national anthem far surpassed any “taking the knee” or other thoughtful protests I’ve seen elsewhere
  4. Houlihan (not by name, but the implication is obvious)

It’s ironic that the article drips with wokish suggestions that Richardson is dealing with racism, which she may well be, but I’m not sure comparing her to someone who prostituted herself and a drug cheat is anything other than extraordinarily offensive.