Daily Archives: May 18, 2020

Covid rant

I haven’t been writing much about Covid, obviously.  This is kind of ironic given that I think about it pretty much all the time.  I guess in general, I just don’t feel like writing about it.  Also, it’s so complex, it’s hard to summarize my hours of daily thinking in a few paragraphs.  Still.  Here are a few thoughts.

  • Because I quilt and spend time consuming quilting social media, I hear a lot about masks.  I am so over hearing about masks.
  • With that said, despite my previous blog post, I am very pro-mask.  I am just anti-cloth masks for medical professionals.  I think it is absurd that a medical professional should be asked to wear a cloth mask, and that it gives a false sense of security and/or excuses the powers that be in the hospital from doing what needs to be done to get proper PPE.  Cloth masks are not in any way proper PPE for medical professionals.
  • I read so much mixed information about whether masks work *at all,* even real ones.  I hope they do.  It makes sense to me that they would, given that the PRIMARY mode of virus transmission is through the air.
  • Which begs the question, why so much emphasis on handwashing?  When all this started, I practically washed the skin off my hands trying to follow CDC recommendations, which, given my allergies and children and pets, called for washing my hands approximately one hundred times a day.  I am not exaggerating.  I’ve gone back to normal (before eating, after using the bathroom) since the kids stopped going to school.
  • Back to masks.  You can now buy actual paper medical masks on Amazon.  They are NOT certified for medical use, so in buying them, you are not taking masks away from medical professionals.  So why are people still into pretty cloth masks?  They are pretty but almost certainly less effective than the boring blue paper ones.
  • If you must make cloth masks, why not buy some fabric that is actually designed to filter out virus particles?  I have been using filti.com, but there are other options.
  • End mask rant.
  • I am very over the IMHE model.  It was a brief, passionate love affair.  At the beginning, I visited it every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and clung to its lovely quantitative predictions as a window into the future.  However, I have since been massively disillusioned.  Locally (in WA), my Google Sheets extrapolations have been more accurate than the IMHE model.  I don’t blame them.  It’s just, given what we know now, predictions are about as accurate as weather predictions.  As in, somewhat accurate for tomorrow.  Slightly accurate for next week.  Not at all accurate for two to three weeks from now.
  • I am living in one of six states that has taken essentially no steps towards opening up.  Many of the other states (like NY) are among the hardest hit.  I cannot see any rhyme or reason for our governor’s conservatism.  It’s driving me nuts.
  • Especially since I observe broad disregard for stay-at-home orders, among people I see locally, among people on social media, and among extended family.  Examples:
    • Neighbors having people over.  They have dinner together outside instead of inside.
    • Family members socializing with extended family.
    • Elderly person going shopping DAILY in a hot spot because they enjoy it
    • People going for walks together, but standing a bit farther apart.
    • The kid on B’s class this morning who reported he spent his weekend visiting his grandparents
  • Stay-at-home means:
    • You stay at home.  Except to go to work if you are essential.  Or to exercise WITH HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS ONLY.  Or to grocery shop when you have to.  (No one needs to grocery shop more than once a week.)
  • It doesn’t mean:
    • Exercising with friends but socially distancing by mostly walking spaced a few feet apart
    • Socializing with friends but it’s ok because you’re outside and/or stay a few feet apart
    • Shopping daily when you don’t need to or can get grocery delivery
    • Socializing with extended family only
  • I personally support cautious reopening in most places.  BUT.  If as long as we’re closed, people should follow the rules.  It strikes as absurd and selfish and ridiculous for people to be deprived of their livelihoods while others flout the rules to socialize.
  • Bill Gates says things are not going back to normal until 70% of the world is vaccinated.  He estimates 9 months to 2 years to a vaccine.  Let’s call it 18 months.  We’re three months in.  15 months to go.  That sucks.
  • Also, it is not practical to remain closed for 15 months.
  • The New York Times reported that 240 million people worldwide are at risk of starvation this year because of social distancing.  Social distancing is not free.
  • I really hate Covid.
  • I wish Trump were not president right now.  Imagine how much better Obama would be handling this.
  • But given that he is, legislators and governors should do their best to work with him, even if that means stroking his ego.
  • I really hope schools open on some level next year.  I don’t think anything will be different in September than it is now, and I think teachers’ unions will fight reopening.
  • I am worried my kids’ school will not survive this.  They attend a small, not particularly wealthy private school (French immersion).   I will be really sad if it goes under.

I could rant a lot more.  And probably will.  But later.