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A friend of mine lives in Japan.  She is Japanese, but lived for a while in the PNW before moving back to Japan.  She has a sweet little girl L’s age.  Anyway, she’s been posting on FB about her experiences with Coronavirus, and it’s alarming to say the least.  For example, today she posted about how nice it was to be able to go out without a mask because they were “in nature” as opposed to in a place with other people.  Then, she posted that school is canceled until April, and likely until the end of the year.  Her daughter will be homeschooling online.

There is a very legitimate possibility school will be canceled in the US as well.  How would that even work?  Unlike in Japan, where most moms stay home, in the US most mothers work, meaning that one parent would have to stop working.  I can’t even imagine how that would work.  As in, it wouldn’t.  Also, shaking in my boots at the thought of having to try to entertain my kids for months without going anywhere with people.

Fatality rates for this thing are about 20x that of the flu.  They seriously need to speed up work on the vaccine!  If a vaccine is even possible for this.

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  1. Daniel

    Northern Italy is close to us and has multiple cases. There is worrying, but little impact at the moment. The kids go back to school on Monday after a 2 week break so we may see more changes then.

  2. admin Post author

    THe US just had its first death – in my county. Not a surprise as we have a very large Chinese population here. Anyway. Just want life to be normal.

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