36 weeks

After my last entry, I had a couple of Bad Days.  When I’m not pregnant and wake up not feeling well, I assume I’m getting sick or ate something and will feel better either imminently, or worst case, in a week or so if I’m sick.  When pregnant, I have no idea why I’m feeling lousy or when I’ll feel better.  This time, it was a couple days, and now I’m just back to feeling large, awkward, and moderately uncomfortable, but not bad.  I’m still mostly able to sleep, with maybe one wake-up a night, which is nice.  By the end of my last pregnancy, I was up every hour to use the bathroom unless I took Unisom, so I’m kind of wondering if that’s coming this time, or what.

My parents will be getting here a week from yesterday, which will be great, as we’ll no longer have to worry about childcare if I go into labor.  Hopefully we won’t all want to kill each other by the time they go home.  If the baby doesn’t come until 40 weeks, it’s going to be a LONG visit.  She wouldn’t hang around that long, would she?  My last two surprised me.  I did not expect in any way that my first would get here early, and yet she did.  Perhaps this one will surprise me in the other direction!

In other news, I’m entertaining myself by boots shopping.  I ordered a couple pairs by Sam Edelman.  (At least one pair will go back.)

Thoughts?  I’m looking for footwear to go with skinny jeans that will also keep my feet warm.  (My only pair of maternity pants also happen to be skinny black jeans, so they will work prior to baby getting here.  The in-between post-baby nothing fits phase will be annoying, but in past, I’ve just bought stuff for cheap in larger sizes off eBay, and that’s worked out pretty well.)

In other news, I’m trying to decide whether to buy a cheaper desk off Wayfair for L, or sale-watch one on Pottery Barn, which would still be a bit more pricey.  Any desk recommendations?

I’m not getting any smaller, folks:

One thought on “36 weeks

  1. becca

    Post the desk options you are considering. I need a new one for my study – I am looking for some sort of L: shaped one, with room for a very large monitor, but also a relatively streamlined form, the room is small and can’t suit a large desk (I actually used to have one of those almost drafting table sized desks from Ikea which, for ikea, was exactly what i needed in my old office, but won’t do here.)

    (FWIW, I will probably buy from Wayfair, none of the pottery barn ones really suited me. There were a couple crate & barrel ones i liked but couldn’t wrap my heads around the prices…)

    also. on the skinny jeans front. I have recently become aware that I am the only one left on teh planet wearing pants with wide legs. apparently boot cuts are from the 1990s. But they look terrible on me. But to avoid looking like I’m wearing two decades old clothes, i’m going to have to give this a try and give up waiting for wide legs to come back.. 🙁

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