saying goodbye

Today was our nanny’s last day, and I am honestly just so incredibly sad over it.  I am sad because my kids are sad, especially L, who understands the implications of saying goodbye better than her little sister.  I’m also sad because, well, it’s easier having three parents than two, and whenever she’s been taking care of the kids, I’ve just known they were in good hands and well cared for.  She finished her bachelor’s degree while she was working for us, and the kids are in school all day now, so it obviously makes sense for her to move on.  But we will miss her so much.  Four years is a long time, and I have always been terrible at saying goodbye, and being an emotional basket case (blame pregnancy) doesn’t help.

I don’t know what we’ll do about childcare and work with our third daughter.  The thought of starting the whole cycle of back to work, interviewing nannies, etc., is just so utterly unappealing I’ve been just not thinking about it.