If there’s one thing Kim Kardashian gets right, it’s having babies by surrogate.  In fairness to her, she apparently had placenta accreta, which is an extremely dangerous and serious condition.  A friend of mine had it, was hospitalized for two months, and ended up with a hysterectomy.  But yeah.  I kind of wish I was rich enough to consider a surrogate.  My body does not like being pregnant, and I can’t help but wonder about the long-term affects.  Worth it?  Absolutely.  But still.

I’ve had a lot more (mostly minor) complications this time around, and age is undoubtedly a factor in all of them.  This is interesting because the obvious thing to be learned would be that you should have babies younger.  But it’s so hard to do that!  Many of my over-educated and uber-successful friends were even older than me when they married.  And it’s not always advisable, possible or preferable to turn around and have a second baby 2 years after your first.  Not to mention that many women obviously struggle with infertility.  So I’ll try and refrain from advising people with my newfound knowledge about the virtues of youthful pregnancy.