Some days, just being alive is hard.  We had a lovely night for the fourth, but because it gets dark late here, the fireworks aren’t on until 10 pm.  (Even then, it’s barely dark enough.)  Anyway, maybe it’s because of that, or maybe because H went hiking today and I also had some work obligations, I am just wrecked this evening and feeling positively lousy.

I’m only a few days away from halfway.  I’m getting through this one day at a time.  But the fatigue is really just overwhelming at times.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time resting – resting in bed, resting on the couch, resting wherever.  My kids think resting is my favorite hobby.  I had so many goals for today that are sitting undone because I barely, just barely, have the energy to type this.

Yup, whine.  Can’t wait til the baby is here and I have my energy back.  Of course, staying up all night with a newborn is not exactly known to energize your average mom.  I think I may be too old for this.  Was I this tired at 31 when I was pregnant with L?  I honestly don’t remember.