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It seems like whenever I find a sports bra I like, it ends up becoming unavailable.  With pregnancy, the problem became a bit more pressing, so I ended up ordering a bunch of bras.  When I was younger and skinnier, I was an A cup, and I could wear basically any old sports bra worth its name.  I liked the champion ones you could buy for $20 on Amazon.  I put on some weight and became a B-cup, and needed a more supportive bra, but most moderately supportive bras worked for me.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding is a different story.  I’ve taken the two-bra route for breastfeeding in past, but it’s uncomfortable and not my favorite.

Currently, there are two bras that work for me:

New Balance Women’s Metro Run Crop Sports Bra – not available anywhere as far as I can tell.  

LuLuLemon Pace Perfect Bra – available only at $100 on eBay

This one is awesome because it has a handy back pocket for my phone.  Love it!  But not enough to pay $100 on eBay.  I think.

Since neither of these was available, I ordered a bunch to try:

Brooks Juno Crossback – This is a super popular bra, but I’ve always been un-enthused about a bra with hooks for working out.  In the end, it was just tight and uncomfortable and unflattering.  Maybe I just needed a bigger size.

Nike Indy Hyper Femme – I honestly thought this one was cute, but it looked horrible on and just didn’t provide anywhere near enough support.  I think it’s more of a bra to look good than functional.

Oiselle Bra-Zen Bra.  This one was too stretchy and didn’t provide enough support.  I own an Oiselle bra, and it’s also not sufficient supportive when I’m pregnant.  It’s fine otherwise, but it won’t work now.

Lululemon Zip Front Enlite Bra.  I actually really like this one.  It was comfortable, easy to get, and supportive.  It comes in true bra sizes instead of just Sm, M, L.  However, unfortunately, I think I’d need to size up the band for pregnancy, and then it wouldn’t fit afterwards, and this is a $100 bra.  If I was desperate, I’d pay, but I’m not, so I’ll pass on this one for now.  I think this one is a good option for more busty women, a category I don’t normally fit into.  I’m just a tourist.

Lululemon Energy Bra – This ended up being the one I decided to keep.  I love the floral pattern.  It’s supportive, not too hard to get on, and was reasonably comfortable.  While I liked the Enlite Bra a little more, this one is more forgiving (and less supportive as a result) and should fit fine after pregnancy, too, so I don’t mind paying $50 for it.  It ran in it yesterday, and it provided enough support for comfort.


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  1. Sarah

    My current sports bra is the Moving Comfort Fiona. I have 3 (that I bought in 2015, so it’s possible they don’t make them anymore…also possible that I should get new ones, but hey). It has a hook closure in the back which I was also skeptical of, but it turned out to be fine and I actually prefer it now to having to wrench a compression bra over my head.

  2. Karen Feigh

    Having finally deflated back to an almost A, I got fed up with all my 5+ year sports bras. I went to target and bought one of almost every kind they had and then found the one that worked and ordered 4. As for regular bras I totally recommend 3rd Love. Turns out I’m now an A and a half.

  3. Sarah

    I’ve tried Third Love twice now for regular bras and so desperately want it to work for me because so many people rave about them, but they just don’t fit me well. Sadness.

    I’ve gone back and forth on underwire vs. no underwire. I may try the one you linked to. I’m pretty much past the point of caring what my bra looks like, as long as it is comfortable.

  4. admin Post author

    I haven’t tried Third Love. I think they’re kind of pricey, right? So maybe it’s just as well you don’t like them. When I’m not pregnant, I like Vanity Fair bras, which you can also get on Amazon. But these ones without the underwire are just so comfy.

  5. Karen

    Yes, pricey. About $70 a bra. BUT they fit me really well. And I only buy bra’s once ever 5 years or so.

  6. admin Post author

    I don’t take good enough care of my lingerie to make it last that long, sadly, though I’ve been trying to improve in that arena.

    Right now I just can’t wait to be a normal size wearing normal clothes and underwear again! 95% of what’s in my closet I cannot wear.

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