election rant

The Dems seem to be having a contest to see who can be the most liberal.  Honestly, I think they are going to lose to Trump, which is really impressive.  It’s as if Obama had lost of McCain.  That election should have been a landslide given the vast dissatisfaction with Bush, and it was.  Once again, I would say the majority of the country is deeply dissatisfied with with Trump.  But that doesn’t mean we want, for example, to completely eliminate private healthcare.  (I think that’s extremely  unlikely to happen, anyway, given that many or most of the vaunted European countries actually have some degree of private healthcare alongside the public system.)  The extreme positions that Dems are trying to outdo each other with honestly could result in a second Trump term.  There is no Obama running.  Heck, I don’t even see a Hillary running.  (Warren, needless to say, is no Hillary.)

I am mildly amused that Jay Insley, a Washingtonian who you may not have heard of running for president, got the least airtime of all the candidates.  He held up funding to repair a dam that was threatening both my house and my place of work over some pet project of his, and I will never, ever vote for him.  I was kind of hoping he’d see some measure of success in this election, just enough to get him out of our hair here in WA.  He’s obsessed with climate change, which is totally legit, but even in my state, a veritable bastion of liberalism, has managed to do exactly zilch in terms of enacting relevant legislation.

From the Post, however, this is an interesting question:

— NBC’s Chuck Todd asked each candidate to name the biggest geopolitical threat facing the United States: Interestingly, de Blasio was the only one who mentioned Russia. Delaney, Gabbard and Castro said nuclear proliferation. Klobuchar was the only person to name Iran. O’Rourke, Warren, Booker and Castro mentioned climate change. “China, without a question,” said Ryan. Inslee kept his answer short: “Donald Trump.”

I think China, Trump, Russia and Iran were legitimate answers.  Personally, I’m torn between China and Russia.  Climate change, really?  Please.