16.5 weeks and still nauseous.  I threw up yesterday, which is certainly about as late as I have ever thrown up during pregnancy.  I am just exhausted by it.  Surely this will end, right?  I dared drink about a third of a coke this evening, and I think that’s why I’m feeling particularly lousy right now.  Sugar just does not agree with me lately, and I was in Spokane on business the last couple days, and ate a lot of fried and sugary food and am now paying the price.  It was hard.  So. Hard.  Traveling for work while feeling like this.

I’m feeling the baby.  It’s nice.  Definitely the best part of pregnancy.  Though B patting my tummy is also very cute.  Sometimes she gets confused about where the baby is . . . my breasts?  Upper belly?  But I think she’s got it down now.  She’s so excited about being a big sister.  L is decidedly less enthused but seems neutral more than sad, so I’ll take it.  I think she’s kind of excited but also knows that little siblings are a mixed bag.  Even though B is unquestionably one of the best things in L’s life.  L loves her so much even if she gets annoyed.

I was trying to think if I had any other friends that “voluntarily” had three kids.  I have male friends from work with three, but I’m getting stuck thinking of women.  Pretty much all of my close women friends have stopped at two.  Obviously, I have acquaintances who’ve had three.  But close friends?  No.

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  1. Sarah

    I might’ve considered having 3 kids if my timeline had been different. But since each girl was preceded by a pregnancy loss, after Charlotte I felt like having 2 kids was fully satisfying to me. But having grown up with 3 siblings, sometimes I get a little wistful thinking about how E & C only have 1 sibling and wish they had more. But, c’est la vie.

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