decorating ii

I’m not feeling well, so why not do a little digital home decorating, eh?  This is our living room as it currently stands:

(I find it kind of amusing and kind of not that I captured both kids absorbed by their digital devices – cameras in this case.)  Anyway, the living room has actually come a long way from a few years ago when we had a too-small couch, no ottoman, no chair, etc.

Still on the list:

  • Get rid of some of the clutter (note the folding table, stuff piled on top of the bookcase, etc.)
  • Replace bookcase with a white one.  The current one will go into the girls’ room to replace their extremely dilapidated Ikea bookcase.
  • Replace end table.  I got that one in Target 15 years ago and am well sick of it.
  • Cushion / throw update for the couch?
  • Pictures or other wall decoration above the couch

I like our ottoman, but it’s rather vulnerable to staining, so I keep the quilt on it to protect it except when we have guests.

Room #2 is the guest bedroom.  This, too, has seen some improvement:

I detest the pink sparkly wall paper, so priority number one is to get rid of that.  Then, new side tables (current side table is about thirty years old from my childhood, and I’m over it) and new bedspread, a couple wall hangings, and we’re done, I think.  There is a lamp on the floor next to the bed just waiting for a table to sit on.