anyone but Trump?

Elizabeth Warren?  No.  Sorry.  Don’t agree with her views and very not thrilled that she claimed to be Native American.   Bernie Sanders?  Seriously, no.  Check out his enacted legislation list: Zilch.  Biden?  Ideologically, I’m more on the same page as him, but the man is 76.  Can we not get a candidate under 70?  Is that too much to ask?

I’m really waiting for a Democratic candidate to emerge that I can actually support, as opposed to just an “anyone-but-Trump” vote.  Anyone?  I just saw that Beto O’Rourke might run.  Two thoughts in favor: Irish last name, and Sarah likes him.  Maybe I could like him too?

2 thoughts on “anyone but Trump?

  1. Sarah

    I should be honest and say that the fact that Beto is NOT Ted Cruz was a not-small factor in me liking him in the TX senate race last fall.

    That said, I like what I have seen of him, and I’ve probably seen a bit more than most since he was a candidate in my state. I agree with most of his stances, and more than that, I find that he is pretty good about finding rational, reasonable positions that recognize that the world isn’t good/bad/black/white.

    He seems genuine, which of course is a subjective measure…but it’s hard to find politicians that feel genuine these days. As to cons, he’s relatively inexperienced, but well, experience doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite anymore now does it?

  2. Rosa Moore

    An article with the WSJ mentioned in passing that Beto isn’t known for always toeing the party-line. The article made it seem like that was a negative quality but given how little either side has gotten accomplished in the last several years, it doesn’t strike me as a terrible quality. I am quite interested to see how his campaign shapes up particularly given how very popular candidates like him have flamed out in the past (e.g. Howard Dean).

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