Serious question – is it possible to be stylish and keep your ankles warm?  And/or wear socks?  I really like to have an interrupted line of coverage from foot to shoulder in winter.  I don’t want bare ankles hanging out.  I like to wear shoes that cover toe and heel and socks.  I can see wearing ankle length pants, but only with socks.

At the link, however, you can clearly see that fashion is telling me to expose my ankles.  Isn’t that a crazy choice in winter?  Or have we simply proceeded to spring fashions, given that it’s February?

Are socks uncool?

What do you wear in winter?

3 thoughts on “ankles

  1. Karen Feigh

    I sympathize. I am a firm believer in socks in the winter. The answer to the skinny pan leg, ankle length trend is boots! Tall boots. I have 1 pair of Hunter rain boots, one black and two brown pairs.

  2. admin Post author

    Maybe I need to switch to boots. I mostly wear ballet flats because I find them very comfortable and easy to take on and off. Otherwise, I wear sneakers. I’ve had boots and just never found them all that comfortable, but maybe I just need to find the right pair.

    But then, it’s like do you tuck your pants in? I guess so.

  3. Sarah

    I have wondered this, but fortunately I live somewhere I can just have bare ankles most of the year.

    I think Karen is right — boots, or booties. Or just make the ankle pants a warmer weather thing and get longer straight leg pants for winter.

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