taylor swift

My sister is getting married today, and her team at work did a send-off for her.  See the video here.  (You have to scroll right to the second image to see the video.)  My mind is seriously boggled.  I can’t imagine people doing that at my company for anyone.  The snippet in Insta is actually just a subsection of this 5 minute video with a couple dozen people participating singing Taylor Swift.  They love her.  She is probably top 5 to 10% technically and works like crazy, but she is top 1% in people skills, and that is what has made the difference for her in her career.  If you look at the people page for her company, they have the top execs pictured, of which my sister is one, and you can see that she is AT LEAST 10 years younger than the next-youngest person.

I love to see my sister succeed, and I love to see a woman succeed.  I hope getting married and having babies doesn’t derail things for her.  She deserves those things as well as career success, but it is so hard to have both, especially for a woman.