swimbikerun 2017

I have exercised more this year than any year since I started working.  It certainly helps that I’m not working full time, and both my kids are in school at least part-time.  And, as has been well-documented here, I have other reasons.  However, I’m interested in the reckoning.  How much did I really work out?  We have two weeks left, so it’ll change a little, but most of it is done.

Running: 958.3 miles  –> 19 miles per week

Biking: 1022.4 miles –> 20.5 miles per week

Swimming: 59,617 yards –> 1200 yards per week

I’m actually amazed at the amount of biking and swimming I did.  On the flip side, I thought I’d run more.  I’ll call 3 miles of biking equivalent to one mile of running.  That’s probably generous, but my 10 mile cycling loop is at least as hard as my 3 mile running loop, so we’ll start there.  As for swimming, I’ll call 1600 yards equal to 1 mile running.  So equivalent miles for the year would be 1410, or 28 miles per week.

Next year, I’d love to get in 25 miles per week of actual running and maintain the swimming and biking.  I’m not sure that’s realistic.  We’ll see where it goes, I guess.  Tomorrow it’s back to the pool because my left foot is still hurting.   I can’t believe I actually swam nearly 60,000 yards this year.  It’s so monotonous, and the lane-sharing thing, and getting into the water and so on.