Daily Archives: December 8, 2017

reflecting and planning

I’m continuing to ride high on my Seattle Half Marathon race result.  It’s a crazy thing.  It seems to irrelevant to run a half marathon in 1:47.  It’s a middling to slowish time.  Faster than most people can run, slower than pretty much any college cross country athlete could run without training.  Fast for me.  And for whatever reason, I just feel so excited to have run that time.

It’s easy to enjoy thinking about running fast when thinking about training is off in the indefinite future.  Well, the definite future.  As of Sunday, my next half marathon will be thirteen weeks away.  I have a 12 week training plan that I’m planning to follow.  I very loosely followed the 10K plan, sort of, leading up to the Seattle half.  This time, I’m planning to follow the lowest mileage half marathon plan.  It ranges from 31 to 47 miles per week.  I had several weeks at about 30 miles a week, up to 35 miles per week, on my last training cycle, so this seems achievable.  In general, I subtract a mile from all the recommended run distances if I run around my neighborhood, due to the hills.  This means that generally speaking, I subtract a mile from most of my weekly runs.  That lowers the mileage to more like 25 to 40 miles per week, which is definitely achievable.

I’m watching a documentary on the Boston Marathon, Boston,  I haven’t watched the movie specifically about the bombings, and I don’t plan to, but I can’t ignore not watch a running movie.  It’s great.  Makes me want to run the Boston Marathon, of course, but that would require, you know, running a marathon.  Actually, running at least two – running one fast enough to qualify (which would require running not much slower than my half – for a full), and then of course, Boston itself.  It does seem like a bucket list sort of thing to do.  Someday, maybe.

In any case, running starts again on Monday.  It’s also time to start cycling.