Daily Archives: December 4, 2017

Running and a Turkish fir

So, my original plan had been to run easy last week,  then maybe do some speed work and have a go at the 12ks of Christmas.  (Yes, that’s a 12k.)  However, I’ve been continuing to feel lousy and haven’t been doing exercise of any kind.  I’d planned to take two weeks off running at the end of the year, but I guess I’m going to take it off now instead.   That means no running this week and only other exercise as the mood strikes me for one more week.  I’ve had two very lousy nights of lots and lots of coughing,  so the mood to exercise hasn’t been striking me, and I’m ok with that.

After not getting into the half I’d wanted to run, I registered for all the races I had planned for the rest of the year, including the 12k.  I could transfer my registration to the 5k, an option I’d told myself I’d take if I pr’d the Seattle half.  That’s what I’m leaning towards now.  If I hadn’t pre-registered, I think I might skip it altogether.

I’m also thinking about my first goal race for 2018.  I’m leaning towards a half marathon in March, the Lake Sammamish Half.  It’s flat, and so I think I can better my time at the Seattle Half if conditions are decent, and I’m healthy, and, and, etc.

I did pull myself together sufficiently to get our tree yesterday.  We had a very pleasant outing.  It’s so much better with no baby!  Or rain.  We got a Turkish fir.