My legs are still hurting so much from Sunday.  I can’t remember the last time I pushed myself hard enough to put myself in this amount of pain. It’s been a while.  H is out of town which means there’s no one else to climb the stairs when it needs to be done.  OMG.  Thankfully, I’m feeling a bit better today than yesterday, so I’m optimistic about tomorrow.

I have been thinking about the race a lot.  I think about what it means I can accomplish if I keep working and race a flat course.  Sub-1:45 definitely.  How much faster?  Who knows.  I think about the value of spending hour after hour trying to be a faster runner when I’m not talented enough to ever truly be “fast,” whatever that means.  Is it a waste of my time? I have a friend who ran a hilly half marathon in the 1:40s with little or no training.  My sister runs about a third as much as I do and ran 1:30 or so recently.  But that logic is pointless.  There’s always someone faster.  For most of us, there are A LOT of people faster.  So it’s really a personal thing.  And I know that running 1:47 felt great, and I want to run faster.

I probably averaged 30 miles a week or so over the last two and a half months, so the obvious next step would be to bump that up a little bit, and try to run maybe 35 miles a week, perhaps a bit more.  My next race is 12/17, the 12Ks of Christmas, which I’ve run twice, and I’m not putting any pressure on myself for that race.  I’m not sure I’ll be recovered.  I plan to do maybe a little running this week (perhaps 10 mi total), then low mileage with some speed the following, and low mileage the next week.  Then the race, and then no running for the rest of the year.

Next year, I don’t have any planned races before the end of April, but there’s a number of options I’m considering.  There’s a 5K race series I’ve done in past, so I could try and go for a new PR at that distance.  There’s a half marathon in early March which should be relatively flat.  In addition, I’d like to start cycling at least once a week, weather permitting, next year, indoors or out, but preferably out.  I’m strongly considering doing the 200 mile Seattle to Portland ride, and I’d like to improve my cycling.

Anyway, we’ll see.