musings on talent and running

I’m all signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon this weekend.  I know what day it’s on.  What could possibly go wrong, other than getting sick, of course?  (I’m healthy as a horse right now.  In fact, our entire family has been ridiculously healthy lately.  We’re due for something nasty.)  Well, the current weather prediction is 60% chance of rain from 7 to 10 am.  (It starts at 7:30 and should take me about two hours.)  Um, eek?  I will not run 13 miles in the pouring rain.  I would instead kiss my entry fee goodbye and just decide a fall half was not meant to be.  However, I will run a half in light rain.  Even light to moderate rain.  And the forecast calls for 44 F at 7 am, climbing to 46 by 9 am, which is not bad.  The worst part of rain, for me, is being cold and not able to warm up.  So, we’ll see.  I’m kind of depressed about the whole thing.  Seattle weather just sucks in the winter for exercise.

Meanwhile, my sister ran the Berkeley Half Marathon this morning 1:31.  That’s 7-flat pace folks, and the course was a bit hilly.  She came in 14th out of 1800 women.  Meanwhile, she barely trained.  Most of the time, I’m just really proud of my sister, but sometimes, I’m jealous.  This is one of those times.  My half PR, from ages ago, is 8:29 pace.  I REALLY want to beat that, and I am not feeling optimistic.  At all.  And sis is running 7-flat pace!  Obviously, we are all given differing abilities in all manner of pursuits, but having your little sister be so much more athletically gifted than you can be challenging.  What I really need to do is take heart.  If Maeve, who usually runs about a minute faster than me, can run 7-flat pace on a hilly course without training, surely I can run 8:20 pace with lots of training, right?  If the weather isn’t too brutal?  I guess we’ll see.