Jordan Hasay: 2:20

Today was a great day for American marathoning.  To be honest, I don’t care that much for Rupp.  I’ve been cheering for Jordan Hasay, however, since she was a freshman in high school and won Foot Lockers.  Today she ran the fastest time run by an American woman in the Chicago Marathon – 2:20:57.  So awesome!  She came in third, a great showing at her age.  Tirunesh Dibaba came in first off a murderous paced first half.  She is one of my other favorite marathoners.  (Too bad she’s not American.)

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Running speed is a funny thing.  The range of speed of runners – let’s just say women – is mind-boggling.  Consider the marathon.

  • Chicago Marathon course cut-off: 6:30 / 14:52 mpm
  • Average women’s time: 4:42 / 10:45 mpm
  • Boston Qualifying Time, W35-39: 3:40 / 8:23 mpm
  • New York Marathon Qualifying Time: 3:15 / 7:25 mpm
  • Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 2:45 / 6:17 mpm
  • Top 3 at Rio 2016: 2:24 / 5:29 mpm
  • World Record: 2:15 / 5:10 mpm

The slowest marathoners are going SO slowly compared to say a 4-hour marathoner, who is barely moving compared to a New York Marathon qualifier, who’s jogging compared to an Olympic Trials qualifier, who is in turn radically slower than an Olympic medalist.  What I love about running is that there is room for all of us. In a major marathoner, you have people running from 5 mpm to 15 mpm.  How cool is that?  What is even greater is that people at all speeds appear to get great satisfaction from just finishing and or achieving a personal best.