last week’s workouts

  • M: 6.9 mi / 9:54 mpm
  • T: 5.1 mi with 6 x 12 s hill sprint
  • W: Rest
  • R: 3.2 mi / 10:39 mpm
  • F: 5K fun run at work
  • S: 10.4 mi bike ride
  • S: 10 mi / 8:53 mpm

Forest fires in Washington and Oregon made running miserable on Tuesday.  Ash was literally falling on me from the skies.  I probably shouldn’t have run at all.

The only other run of interest was my long run on Saturday.  I’ve now more or less decided to run a half marathon this fall, preferably sooner rather than later to avoid running it in the rain, and so I’m trying to go for longer runs at the weekend.  Saturday’s run was flat, and I wanted to run at about 9 minute pace, starting slower, then increasing.  I felt quite comfortable the whole way, so I was pleased with it.