Monthly Archives: July 2017

Maple Valley ride

I went on another long ride this morning, 38 miles with 2000 feet of elevation gain.  This time I did a tour of South King County, covering a lot of roads I’ve never driven on and towns I never visit.  It wasn’t my favorite ride ever.  Despite an advertised 1% chance of rain, I endured about 90 minutes of misting during the hardest, hilliest part of the ride.  It wasn’t bad, but I kept worrying that it would get worse.  In addition, the ride was quite remote.  There wasn’t that much traffic, but there were no other cyclists or runners around for most of it.  I like seeing other people out when I’m riding.  I like riding by myself, but I like seeing other cyclists around.




I did enjoy riding the Soos Creek Trail.  I used to do the vast majority of my runs there when I lived in Kent.  It’s just a beautiful spot; my photos don’t do it justice.

My triathlon is now just about a month away.  I feel more or less prepared, but I’ve decided to try and swim twice a week between now and the race.  I’d also like to swim in open water a minimum of two times.  More would obviously be better.  I haven’t done any bricks – bike then run – or any other type of combined training, but I’m not trying to win the thing, just finish it, so I figure doing long runs, long bike rides, and long swims should be sufficient from a pure endurance perspective.