My ride started well this morning.  I saw three families of baby goslings.

However, I’m lying in bed at 8:15 right now instead of getting off my duff and going to work.  This morning I went for my usual bike ride (since I’m still giving my foot a break), but I got careless and fell while trying to put on my glove.  I’d slowed down, but I was going maybe 9 mph and then slowed and crashed.  My head hit the ground pretty hard, protected by a helmet of course.  I’ve been scared of falling since I started cycling, and the actual experience was a little bit different than I expected.  I guess I’d envisioned getting scraped along the ground or something.  In actuality, I did get a little scraped up, but what took me aback was the impact.  I hit my head on the ground pretty hard, giving myself an instant headache.  (My helmet doesn’t seem to be cracked, and other than headache, I had no concussion symptoms.)  The impact was just really hard.  The whole experience was shocking.  One minute I was happily riding along; the next, I’m reeling from the collision with the ground.

Once I pulled myself together a little bit, I thought about calling Jonathan, but he would have had to get the kids in the car, and then we might not have been able to get the bike in the trunk.  I realized I wasn’t actually badly hurt, just shaken up, so I got back on the bike, and slowly and carefully cycled home.  I was definitely a bit jumpy.

Anyway.  Not a great start to my day to say the least.  Time to get up and shower and get some work done, but I kind of feel like curling up in bed.