My week in swimbikerunning #5


  • 4 and 5 mile runs
  • 6 mile run with 20 minute tempo component
  • 7 mile long run
  • 2000 m swim
  • Go for a 20 mile + bike ride


  • Monday: 4 miles easy
  • Tuesday: 4.8 miles easy
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Swim 1500m
  • Friday: 4 miles easy
  • Saturday: 6.9 miles long
  • Sunday: 22.6 mile cycle

Monday morning my legs just felt completely dead, no doubt due to the cycle the day before.  I could barely drag myself 4 miles and was tired the rest of the day.  Due to my schedule, it’s really tough for me to run more than 4 miles on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and still get a swim in.  Therefore, running 4 miles Monday meant I couldn’t really meet the week’s goals.

Stepping back, I’m following a base-building running schedule from the book Faster Road Racing.  It calls for 4 runs a week, most weeks, with gradually increasing mileage.  I’m hoping this will help me run a fast 5K in late spring or summer or maybe Fall.

In any case, due to my fatigue, I decided to just repeat the previous week’s runs – two 4 milers and one 5 miler, rather than attempting to fit in a 6 miler somewhere.

Once again, I didn’t make 2000 m in the pool.  Once again, I simply ran out of time because I was lazy and didn’t get up early enough.  Oh well.  This week, I should theoretically be able to do it.

Saturday’s long run went well, and Sunday’s bike ride also went well.  I followed this route – 22.6 miles, roughly 700 feet of elevation gain.  It was mostly flat except for one hilly section in the middle.  The tough part was that the forecast said rain all day Saturday and Sunday.  H was kind enough to watch the kids during the least rainy part of the weekend so I could get the ride in.  I got rained on for about 5 miles or so, but it was never heavy.  Nevertheless, I was not thrilled and was thinking to myself that I wouldn’t get on a bike again until spring.  I cheered up when the rain stopped.  I averaged 12.8 mph, which is definitely slow, but I was trying to take it easy.  This was a distance record for me.  Overall, it was a good week.