running attire

I’ve been running a lot in cold weather lately, and I thought I would share my recommendations for cold weather running attire.  I’ve ordered and returned a fair number of shirts and tights and the like, but I’ve also found some stuff I really like.

Unless otherwise noted, I take a medium in everything.  I am 5’6, 125 lb and am not what you’d call curvy.

Shirts.  This is the easiest category.  I have a fair number of long-sleeve running shirts I really like.  Here are my three favorites:

Wallaroo 170 – 100% wool and superlight and warm.  I love this shirt!

Sugoi Fusion Core I really like the zip pocket at the back of this one.  This is a bit heavier-weight than the other two options.

Oiselle Flyte   This one is thin and light and I love the birds.

Tights.  For weather under 40 degrees, I have two pairs of tights, but one pair is no longer sold.  That leaves my Sugoi Mid-Zero tights.   Love them!

Rain Jacket.  This is an essential in Seattle, obviously.

I love my Patagonia Light Flyer jacket.  Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued.  It’s super lightweight, Gore-tex, and I got a great deal on ebay.

Gloves.  Love these Saucony gloves.  Not only are they comfortable, they are also very cute.  I have long fingers, and the Large fit me perfectly.

Socks.  Balega all the way.  Pricey, but I love them.