Monthly Archives: August 2016


How I love the Olympics!  I took two hours off from work yesterday to watch the women’s gymnastics individual final – best decision ever.

I am also highly amused by the green pool mystery.

I am having a hard time getting excited about track and field, formerly my second favorite spectator sport (after gymnastics) due to all the drugs.  It seems like everyone is doing drugs, no doubt including a fair few Americans, though I do think Americans are cleaner overall.  If I ever find out Michael Phelps is a doper, my heart will be broken.  I will never be able to watch sports again.  No evidence of that so far, though, and I frikking love watching him win.  He really rocks my world.  I can’t explain why.  It’s been a rough summer, frankly, and it just makes me feel good watching him win gold medals.

Anybody done or contemplated doing a Tough Mudder?