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I saw an interesting suggestion to check your Facebook and see how many supporters the various candidates have in terms of likes for their pages among your friends.  I had to change to the mobile version.  In my case:

9: Hillary Clinton

0: Donald Trump

4: Gary Johnson (Libertarian)

6: Bernie Sanders

0: Ted Cruz

Now, obviously, this is only a small fraction of my FB friends, so it’s probably not very representative.  Nevertheless, I find it interesting that not a one of my FB friends like Trump enough to like his page.  Supposedly, 39% of Americans support Trump, at least to the extent of planning to vote for him.  I have never personally met a Trump supporter.  Not a one!  Have you?  I’ve written on here before that I can understand why some people might like Trump, even if I disagree with them, but I guess I don’t really have any friends that would or do.  (Who might like Trump?  Someone who has lost their job to globalization and otherwise feels left behind in our new global economy and ignored by the Democrats with their focus on social issues and series of trade agreements.)  There are some very conservative folks at work, not surprisingly, but certainly none of them have given any indication of actively liking Trump, though I imagine some of them will vote for him.

Of course, many people who don’t particularly like Trump will hold their nose and vote for him anyway, exposing our country to great peril.  For example, a passionate pro-lifer who really feels that abortion is state-sanctioned baby-murder, may feel compelled to vote for Trump, despite the fact I believe he is really pro-choice at heart.  Why?  The Supreme Court.  There will be a lot of Supreme Court voters on both sides, I would guess, people who dislike both candidates but recognize the stakes.

Really, I feel Hillary cannot lose as long as she keeps her health and avoids major scandal.  Demographics and the mood of the day are in her favor.  But she is not young.  Her VP pick is not perfect, but overall, I think he’s a good choice, and I suppose he would probably be able to step in if she had a heart attack before the election.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Assuming all goes as expected and Hillary wins in a landslide, what happens next?  I vaguely remember Democrats getting trounced in elections, but I don’t remember them completely reinventing themselves.  They may have done so, and I was just too young to notice.  Remember Dukakis?  He lost badly.  Trump may lose even more badly.  But what is the right path for the Republicans?  I’d suggest that the party might collapse, but again, both parties have gone through hard times before, and they seem to be able to evolve and become successful again.


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  1. Jen M

    I do know Trump supporters. Several. They are not among my closest friends, but they are there. Some are family. And I know many, many that I think would convince themselves to vote for anyone other than Hillary. Honestly, it’s not just because it’s Hillary. Anyone before someone with a ‘D’ in front of their name. ANYONE.

    I can’t get excited about Hillary. I hate that we’ve had a Bush or Clinton in every election since I was, what 4? While I think a lot of the “scandals” surrounding her are politically motivated, I do think she has the mindset that she should get to do whatever she wants because she’s “important”. That’s a very common attitude, but I don’t like it.

    I cannot be comfortable that Hillary will easily beat Trump. There are lots and lots of people out there who respond to scare tactics and “otherism” and he has shown he is very good at using those tools. I mean, he never should have made it this far.

    I hope the American people will make the right choice. And terrified that they won’t.

  2. admin Post author

    Interesting. Texas is a different world. Being a contrarian, I find myself getting annoyed with liberals all the time here in Western Washington. I imagine I’d feel quite differently if I were in Texas.

    Regarding Hillary, my feelings about her changed after I read her autobiography, Living History I think. If you want to feel better about her, you might read it.

    I think I know quite a few people who will *vote* for Trump, many of whom are family members who are single issue voters (pro-life), but I think that’s different from being a Trump supporter and being excited about Trump.

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