Daily Archives: May 20, 2016

Friday afternoon beer

I’m curious how much, if any, my friends will drink before getting behind the wheel.  You always hear “Don’t drink and drive,” but I’ve also grown up with the general idea that one can have one drink without exceeding the legal limit, 0.08.  I myself had a single drink and drove afterwards many times in my younger years.  These days, however, I have become more cautious, and I really dislike driving after drinking at all.  I am a 130-pound person who has one drink per week (Saturday night margarita, as a general rule), so I’m not entirely sure I am below the legal limit after even a single drink.  These days, I hit the road for a 30 to 40-minute highway commute.

But the thing is, work culture in this country features the Friday afternoon beer.  At my company, beer is often provided at certain types of Friday afternoon meetings.  Commonly, people meet after work to celebrate this or that work achievement at the local bar.  Am I the only person who doesn’t like hopping in the car after having a drink?

(My new group prefers to drink whiskey, but that’s a whole other set of complaints.  Who likes that stuff?)

Update: According to this chart, I can have to 3 drinks before becoming legally impaired.  That certainly suggests that having 1 drink is safe.  I would feel better if I could conduct a few tests (as in BAC tests, not driving tests).