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I’ve been reading lots of decorating books lately, and my latest suggests I make a list of things I love and then look for themes.

  1. islands
  2. linen
  3. blue
  4. wool
  5. tweed
  6. ireland
  7. a clear day, not too hot
  8. handmade
  9. neutrals
  10. a good book
  11. comfort
  12. birdsong
  13. carnations
  14. tartan
  15. babies and chubby cheeks
  16. whitewashed wood
  17. curves in furniture
  18. green
  19. citron
  20. numbers
  21. maps
  22. detailed carpentry / woodsmanship
  23. birch
  24. mid-century modern

Next, I’m supposed to pick out the themes.  There’s definitely a homespun concept in there – wool, tweed, handmade.  My color favorites are those that make me think of sea and sky, except citron.  I love the idea of Ireland.

Next, I’m supposed to pick out pictures.

Ikea rocking chair - I have wanted one of those ones for SO LONG, they are so so comfortable:

my scandinavian home: A Zen Swedish space:

Linen Bixby Chair - anthropologie.com:

Apparently I love chairs!


The Design Chaser: TDC Archive Series | Best Living Rooms:

Handcarved Menagerie Console - anthropologie.com:

I’m actually a big fan of wall paper, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to do it in my house.  We do have wallpaper in one room.  I’m not thrilled with it, so perhaps we could replace that with more wallpaper.  It’s interesting that it’s fallen so out of favor.  I wonder why.  Perhaps there is more variety in paint available now.

Wouldn’t you love to have this on your wall?

Bird Sanctuary Wallpaper - anthropologie.com:

I also have a soft spot for ornate things, like this mirror.

Rococo Mirror - anthropologie.com:

Lose the ampersand, and this is great.

Spring Home Tour - vintage cabinet decorating:

I can never resist teal and turquoise.  But I think this is better in theory than practice.

tea wall in moroccan hotel / sfgirlbybay:

I love this look.  In practice, though, I like my floors covered with nice, soft carpets.

Linen Julienne Chair - anthropologie.com:



jars of soap for bathroom... make soap in right color(s). :):




6 thoughts on “what I like

  1. Sarah

    As we’ve decorated our house over the last 7 years, my tastes have totally started to change. I find myself wanting our entire house repainted, ESPECIALLY the trim, which is all off-white. I just feel like it makes everything look dingy and I hate it. But I can’t even imagine how much it would cost to have all the trim painted, and I know I’ll never do it myself, so I keep trying to resign myself to the fact that it will just have to be off-white.

    But maybe I’ll just pay someone to redo it all anyway. Lol.

  2. admin Post author

    What do you mean by the trim – the baseboards? Maybe we don’t have trim.

    It probably wouldn’t cost that much to redo it. We had our entire rental house repainted for $1500 – the whole house.

  3. becca

    (Jen, I think she means molding – like chair rail, floor molding, crown molding. Its very common in houses here, word is used interchangably with trim, at least in Houston)

    So Byron just re-painted all the trim in all the rooms of the house except the living room. Took him the better part of the week doing it full time. I suggested to him that it would be easier to tear it off, buy new trim, paint it outside, and reinstall it. Painting trim is a bit harder because of the oil based paint you have to use. But we wanted to do it before we replaced the carpet, don’t want to get paint on new carpet.

    Tastes do change. When I painted my house in 2002, I wanted bright, vibrant colors. Now I want more mellow earth tones, and husband wanted desert southwest colors. It was fun repainting the house (and by “fun”, I mean directing Byron to do it). As we re-hung pictures and moved furniture, things got moved around, different walls, different rooms, etc. It really felt like a bigger change than it was and I am noticing things that have blended into the background for quite a while.

    Anyway. This time I swear though I am going to keep the trim clean.

  4. admin Post author

    Interesting. We don’t have “trim,” and I don’t think it’s all that common around here. I think you mostly see it in older houses. It looks nice, but it sounds like it’s a bit of a pain.

  5. admin Post author

    Ah, I see what you mean. I’m not sure if that stuff got painted when we had our rental house done. I’m thinking not. Our doors were this cheap fake wood stuff, for example.

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