Our new house has an entry-way.  This is the first time I’ve lived in a house with a real entryway.  Our last house opened straight into what I think was supposed to be a sitting room, but what we actually used as our guest bedroom (with the help of portable dividers.)  You can see a picture of it here:

This is the real estate picture, which naturally makes it look like a ballroom.  It’s actually not all that big.  Presently, we have a rather utilitarian green rug in front of the door and nothing else.  You can kind of see from the picture that there’s a place next to the stairs for a small table.  It’s about 24 x 48 in terms of floor space.  I think with our dogs plus kids lifestyle putting anything in the middle of the floor is a no-go.  I’d like to put a table and something to sit on.  I’m either thinking a very small table – say 24 x 24 plus a chair, or a longer table with a stool / ottoman pushed underneath it.  Our primary means of entry is through the garage, so this would mainly be used by guests.

Perhaps something like this:

Tanner Console Table - Bronze finish

Perhaps something like this ottoman:

With a really simple table.  There are lots of inexpensive options on Amazon, like this one:

On top of the table would go say a plant and a clock.  I’d like to have a lamp, but I don’t have easy access to power.

Right now, when you walk into our house, you really don’t see much except our mostly empty front room which we have filled with our double stroller and a couple other messy-looking items.  I think perhaps dressing up the entry might help with the currently unkempt feel.

This is my inspiration, from Pinterest, for the ottoman under console table look.  I don’t have room for the pictures or the tree, but I still think it could look nice.

A warm and inviting entryway designed by Kelly McGuill and recreated for less than $2000 for Copy Cat Chic by @audreycdyer:

I would put a basket there as well for people’s shoes as we generally take our shoes off in the house.

Alternatively, I can see using a nice table with just a chair alongside it, like this table, with a simple wood chair:

Weldon Side Table:

The table is pottery barn, but I’m sure there are a million options on Wayfair and Amazon.

2 thoughts on “entryway

  1. Sarah

    I’ve been debating an update to our entryway also. It’s not much, but we have a console table there now that just has decorative stuff. I’m thinking of replacing it with something that has storage…but then I’m afraid it will make that small area too junky!

  2. admin Post author

    Do you all wear shoes in the house? Our problem is taking shoes on and off. We don’t wear them in the house. Since it rains so much here, our shoes get muddy frequently.

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