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I ended up spending about $650 on the rug, including tax and shipping.  (Tax is 10% here – it’s a killer.)  I have actually been agonizing over rugs since Thanksgiving, so I’m honestly just glad to have finally pulled the trigger.  This was the last major purchase needed for the playroom.  I do play to buy some kind of tent or tee pee and some pillows or bean bags, but that should be pretty cheap.  Here’s the rug I picked:

Tile Rug - Porcelain Blue

I have never bought a lottery ticket, but I actually went up to H yesterday and suggested we buy some.  He informed me that Powerball had already been won by someone.  Nevertheless, we spent some time talking about what we would have immediately bought.  He wanted a house with a view.  Personally, I like our house and I have no desire to move.  But I would:

1.) Hire a housecleaning service

2.) Give our nanny a big raise

3.) Buy a really expensive rug that I liked

4.) Buy a nice sectional and maybe some other furniture

5.) Consider hiring a driver to make my commute to and from work easier

6.) Hire an on-call babysitter that would be available to come take the kids whenever we were sick or just needed some extra help for some reason

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  1. becca

    That is a ridiculously modest way to spend a billion dollars.

    3.) Buy a really expensive rug that I liked
    Replace with: Take a month long rug-shopping trip to Turkey and Morocco.

    5.) Consider hiring a driver to make my commute to and from work easier
    Alternative: By the four houses around yours, knock them down (or make one the staff quarters for that on call babysitter and any other help you’d like), and put in a helo-pad and commute to work that way.

    1.) Hire a housecleaning service
    See item #5 and consider a daily housekeeper and cook.

  2. admin Post author

    Well, that is just what I was going to do immediately. Longer term, I’d definitely be a bigger spender.

    But alas, it’s not likely to be a real problem any time soon.

  3. Sarah

    Ok, after doing your list you still have $1,499,900,000 left to spend. And that’s assuming your nanny’s raise is almost $100k. 🙂

  4. Sarah

    Also, I like that rug! I’ve been thinking of something similar for our living room. We have a living room rug I really like the pattern of, but it’s cheap and sheds like crazy — still, after more than a year.

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