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shoe redux

My shoe-search adventure has been ongoing.  I think my feet must have changed shape, perhaps gotten bigger during pregnancy, as I have sent at least six pairs of footwear back and forth.  I’ve had minor problems with my feet for years.  Basically, they hurt.  They hurt when I wake up in the morning, and they hurt sometimes when I’m running, or just at random times. It gets worse when I’m pregnant.  As a result, I’ve been wearing flat shoes for years, but I’d hoped that with pregnancy a year in the rear-view mirror that I could wear some heels.  So far, not so good.  I’ve had good luck with flat Romika shoes in recent years, so maybe it’s time to go back in that direction.

So, if heels are off the table, does anyone like any of the following?

#1: Romika Milla 101

#2: Rieker

#3 Romika Milla 102

#4 Clogs

#5 Earthies

#6 Sorel Newbie

#7 Sorel Pull-on

#8 Sorel Low

I really like the first Romika’s, but I’m afraid they look too masculine.

I tried on these and absolutely loved them, but I just cannot wear them:

Perhaps I’m paying for the years in college when I wore 3 inch heels everywhere?

Farmer’s Wife Quilt Blocks 9 through 15

I’m really on a roll with the Farmer’s Wife Quilt lately.  I’ve just been having so much fun piecing together the blocks.  I’ve been doing one block per day and plan to continue through the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Then we’ll assign people for our family gift-exchange, and I’ll make a quilt or two for Christmas.  (If I do more than one, they will likely be whole-cloth quilts or something extremely simple.  We’ll see.)  For now, though, I’m loving the Farmer’s Wife.

Block #9: Box

This one was easy and fun to make.  I love the way it turned out.

Block #10: Bowtie

This one was easy also.  It actually does kind of look like a bowtie, right?

Block #11: Broken Dishes

I think the size of the triangles on this one is basically as small as I can go and still do a reasonable job lining up points and so forth.  Smaller than this, and things start to go awry.  (See Birds in the Air from my last post.)

Block #12: Broken Sugar Bowl

The photo is a little wonky, but it turned out well enough.

Block #13: Buckwheat

Lucky number 13.  I was on the fence about the colors for this one.  Heck, I’m on the fence with every block, but I went back and forth a bit more than usual with this one.  I was worried the two shades of salmon were too similar, but I like the way it looks in the end.

Block #14: Butterfly at the Crossroads

I love the name of this block.  It really fits the design.  I can see making a whole quilt just out of this block if it wouldn’t be way too much work.

Block #15: Buzzard’s Roost

The photo for this one came out a bit blurry, but you get the gist.  I forgot the four green triangles in the center strip at the top and bottom initially and had the block all sewn up when I noticed my mistake.  My repair job is less than perfect, but as always, I doubt it’ll be very noticeable when it’s part of a whole quilt.

My sewing area set up for Farmer’s Wife – organized chaos.

Note the nursing pad, baby ring, and of course pewter model of a flutist.  How could I sew without that?

Farmer’s Wife restart – the first eight blocks

A few months ago, I did a trial run of Farmer’s Wife and tried making the first six blocks.  I used templates and fabric I had on hand.  I learned a few things, and while a couple of the blocks might have been usable, I decided to start afresh.  I stocked up on some of Violet Craft’s Brambleberry Ridge, and my current plan is to make the entire quilt out of that fabric.  Last week, I began again and made the first eight blocks as listed in the book, in alphabetical order.

The first five are relatively easy, especially since I decided to use paper-piecing this time.

#1 Attic Windows

#2 Autumn Tints

#3 Basket

The handle on #3 was tricky.  I cut a rectangle on the bias and stretched / steamed it into shape using the iron.  I then hand appliqued it to the block.

#4 Basket Weave

#5 Bat Wing

I was tempted to second guess my specific fabric choices at times, but with this project you could make yourself crazy doing that.  I’m determined to not second-guess myself and to not worry over every block.

#6 involved the most little pieces thus far.  Paper piecing made it relatively easy, however.

#6 Big Dipper

Then came #7.  #7 has forty pieces!  The finished product is a little rough, even after ripping out the horizontal seam to try and fix the triangle point three times (unsuccessfully).  However, I think in the context of a larger quilt, these minor issues will not be obvious or problematic.  I figure after I’ve made all the blocks and can go back and re-make some of the wonkier ones if needed, but I’m not going to remake blocks as I go unless they’re truly terrible.

#7 Birds in the Air

I really like #8.  I think it might be my favorite so far.

#8 Bouquet