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Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Sunrise Redux

This is my second post for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  This time, I’m entering my Sunrise Quilt in the original design category.  The design is really simple, but hey, it is my own.


This is one of two twin-size quilts I’ve made, and it was a lot of fun.  I love working with Kona bundles, and hopefully I’ll have a chance do try another one soon.


Quilting this one was exhausting due to the large size, but I love the way it turned out.  I improvised a square spiral pattern over most of it using 40-weight variegated Aurifil thread.


Thanks for stopping by!  You can read the original blog post here.

Facing East Redux – quilt festival

Following in Sarah’s footsteps, I decided to enter the Blogger’s Quilt Festival in the Home Machine Quilted Quilts category.  (That’s a mouthful.)  

This is the Facing East quilt from Carolyn Friedlander’s Savor Each Stitch.

I machine quilted it on my Brother PQ1500s using a pattern by Christina Cameli.

The thread is Aurifil Mako 50 in white.

You can find the original post about it here.

a tote and a pouch

In between working on my hand-applique quilt, I’ve been doing a bit of sewing here and there.  In particular, I made a tote bag and a little pouch.

The tote bag turned out fairly well.  It’s a simple pattern without a boxed bottom, but I like the fabric, and you can never have too many tote bags, right?  The free tutorial is here.  I used this tutorial to make the handles.  I didn’t have enough interfacing for the handles, so I just used an extra piece of cotton which made them nice and sturdy.

It has a little pocket on the front, and my only complaint is that the pocket gaps a bit.  It would be better with a zipper or button or snap or something.

I also made  a little pouch.  This was my first time trying to do a zipper since high school, so I figured I should do something simple.  The tutorial for this one is here.

It’s totally cute.  Dealing with the zipper was a little awkward, but it turned out OK.

L is my most uncritical critic.


I’m in the market for new shoes that will keep my feet a bit warmer in the winter.  Opinions?









lattice quilt in progress

The lattice is hand-appliqued to the background.  It is a lot of hand sewing.  I definitely wouldn’t be up for this kind of thing all the time, but it’s kind of fun to do just this once.  I’m still pondering what I want to do with regard to quilting.  I was originally thinking of this being a baby play mat – doing a double layer of wool batting and extremely minimal quilting.  Or, I could do a single layer of batting and hand quilt an outline of the lattice edges – but I’m not sure I’m going to be up for any more hand sewing.  Or, I could just quilt the inside of the lattice in some fashion.  Or perhaps vertical lines as Friedlander did with one of her versions.  Decisions, decisions.



Unfortunately, I don’t think self-driving is going to come soon enough for our parents, at least not my parents.  If my parents lose the ability to drive, it’ll be devastating for them, and I know it would drive my Dad nuts to have to rely on my Mom.  My Mom is mostly blind in one eye since birth.  She has only peripheral vision.  She is well able to drive but does so very cautiously since she has very poor depth perception.  H’s mother has already, thankfully, stopped driving.  For years, she drove once a week to do her major shopping.  She got in an accident in Manhattan which was her fault, though I am sympathetic since honestly merely being a passenger in Manhattan leaves me in a state of minor terror.  In any case, she decided of her own accord to stop driving.  Living in Manhattan, this is not very limiting and has virtually no effect on her life.  So, it is my parents we have to worry about.

When I encounter someone driving erratically, I often look at them and see they’re on their cellphone.  But as frequently, I see someone who is clearly very advanced in age.  I think they should require people to take a driving test maybe every twenty years until you’re 70 and every five years thereafter.  I would be willing to take a driving test every five years in the spirit of fairness if it resulted in driving tests for older folks as well.  Even if you just made people take the written test and vision test periodically I think it would useful.   In Washington state, there are no such requirements.  Take the test at 16, and you’re done for life.

Self-driving, though, gives me great hope.  Sometime all of us thirty-somethings will be facing slowing reflexes, deteriorating mental capacity, and loss of our senses.  Heck, it’s happening already!  No joke.  It’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Anyway, I figure we’ll need self-driving cars in about forty years.  It seems possible they’ll be around by then.  If not, I suppose it’ll be even more possible to rely on the internet for one’s basic needs.  And there’s always Uber.