Graham’s Sunrise Quilt

The Kona Sunrise quilt that I’ve been working on is finally complete and ready to be shipped.  It’s roughly standard twin quilt size – 65″ by 88″, and should be more than large enough for its 3-year-old owner.




Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids Sunrise Jelly Roll Up

Essex in Linen by Robert Kaufman  I loved this fabric!  It’s a 55% / 45% linen/cotton blend, and it had a lot more texture than 100% cotton fabric while still being easy to work with.  I will definitely be incorporating fabric from this line into my future quilts.

Crisscross Wideback in Carrot by Carolyn Friedlander (for the back of the quilt)

Timeless Treasures 1/8″ Skinny Red & White Stripes (for the binding)



Quilter’s Dream Cotton Select in White

Select is Quilter’s Dream’s mid-weight cotton batting.  I prefer a bit more loft and definition in the quilting than the lightest weight batting (select) provides.  The one disadvantage of this batting is that it is rather heavy which adds to the challenge of quilting.



Piecing and binding: Aurifil Mako 50 in White 2024


Aurifil Mango Mist Variegated 4659 40 wt (top and bobbin)

Aurifil Mint Julep Variegated 4661 50 wt (top and bobbin)

Aurifil Pink Taffy Variegated 4660 40 wt (top and bobbin)

Aurifil Limoni di Monterosso Variegated 4658 40 wt (top and bobbin)

By far, what excited me most about this quilt was the quilting.  For the white parts, I used a pattern called Sylph from Christina Cameli’s step-by-step Free-Motion Quilting.  For the colored parts, I improvised a square spiral pattern.  Covering most of the quilt with the square spiral was quite an effort and too many hours, but I am delighted with the result.






As usual, I did a double fold binding and hand-sewed it to the back.  I find the process of hand-sewing the binding relaxing and enjoyable, except of course when I prick myself.


Sewing Machine

Brother PQ1500S

L poses with the quilt for scale.





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