done quilting

Quilting the Kona sunrise quilt has turned out to be quite an effort. Almost done: And, finally, all done: I feel like I went through miles of thread.  Having the wider throat sewing machine (Brother PQ1500s) made things much easier, but not easy.  The middle of the quilt was still noticeably harder than the edges….


take away the guns

Every time there is a mass shooting – or at least one that CNN publicizes – people ask why.  Sometimes they answer racism.  Other times it’s a religious nutcase.  Sometimes the answer is mental illness.  Or the shooter was a social outcast.  Then people suggest various solutions.  End racism!  (Take down the Confederate flag.)  Treat…


rainbow quilts

L has been getting good use out of her quilt.  I like it so much better than the polyester comforter she had before. More practice free-motion quilting.  I settled in a square spiral pattern which I think is fairly forgiving. And on the real thing:  


beach fun

A week and a half ago, we headed to Cannon Beach.  It was the first vacation we’ve been on that I haven’t been sick or pregnant for (and these are basically synonyms for me) in a long time – actually since the end of 2012, if you can believe that.  How sad!  It made this…

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Where’s L?  Oh, right, she’s in her quilt and blanket fort. My library finally got in a copy of The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters.  I’m contemplating giving it a try.  However, this photo is as far as I got today before B woke up from her nap. Pots and pans, anyone?  I’m thinking of…

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sunrise quilt

I decided that my next quilt should be a variation of the last one.  It’s very similar, but I divided the rainbow section into five columns. The five columns are divided by smaller white columns of a linen/cotton blend, Essex by Robert Kaufmann.  I really love the white fabric – there’s something about it. I…

try a tri?

I’m half considering trying a triathlon in September.  I’m in serious need of some exercise motivation these days.  Most of my free time has been going to quilting, and I am just not too excited about running.  I’ve looked around, and the absolute shortest triathlon I can find is September 20th.  It has a 600…