rainbow world – in progress

Now that we are home, I’m back to work on my rainbow-colored around-the-world quilt.  It’s going well; I’m nearly done with the front.

_MG_6774I have definitely had some moments where I have asked myself if this color scheme is really going to work.  I am using the colors of the rainbow – all six of them – along with neutral colors for seven by seven squares.  I have realized that using six non-neutral colors is very ambitious, probably two ambitious given my skill and experience level.


Nevertheless, I actually think it’s going to turn out OK.  Once I started slicing and dicing the strips into squares, things started looking better.   I think the scrappy around-the-world pattern is fairly forgiving.


I have not been fussy-cutting, but one square had to be manually removed.  The quilt is intended for a child, and I can’t see including a horse’s ass.


Anyway, I’ve done eight of the nine squares.  I’ll finish the final block tomorrow night, hopefully, and then I’ll put together as simple a back as I can manage.  Hopefully, I can start quilting next week.  Given the complexity of the front, I’m leaning towards straight line quilting diagonals.




One thought on “rainbow world – in progress

  1. Sarah

    I think it looks great! I think as you use more colors, it goes from being clashy to just being scrappy, and scrappy always looks good.

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