Daily Archives: May 21, 2015

drapes redux

Seriously, folks, I need to pull the trigger on curtains for our master.  I actually went so far as to price linen and linen blends and blackout lining with the idea of making them myself, but it’s actually not that much cheaper than just buying them.  I had a look at the ones we did buy, and making curtains is not as trivial as you might think.

I’m pretty much down to two options – solid blue, or white with blue stripes.  The problem is that I just do not trust my own judgment.  When interior decorating talents were being handed out, I was at the back of the line, and they ran out before they got to me.  H is no better.  Any thoughts on the pros and cons of solids versus stripes?  Keep in mind that we are looking out at grass and fir trees – basically a wall of various shades of green.

Riviera Stripe Drape, 50 x 84


Emery Linen/Cotton Pole Pocket Drape, 50 x 84

I intend to keep our current drapes and may use them in the winter.  I’m not really interested in a blackout shade as my longer term plan calls for a sheer linen drape behind the outer drape.

Our master isn’t really decorated like anything much, but I prefer light colored woods – “natural” is usually how they are described.

And here is a photo of B for taking the trouble to read this far: