Daily Archives: February 27, 2015

prayer in c

Seriously.  I love this song.  I don’t know or care what she’s saying, but that melody in the background is so beautiful.  I wonder if it’s original?

J is on a four-day business trip, and my parents are visiting.  It is so sweet the way my mom especially interacts with L.  I am so so glad they come out to visit as often as they do.  I really enjoy their visits a lot more now that we have a bigger place.  With J working from home, we were really bursting at the seams when visitors came to our old house.  Now, there is plenty of room for all, and we are very comfortable.

B had her six-month appointment today.  I was waiting with bated breath for her weight (low – 13 pounds 13 ounces – but acceptably so, according to the doctor).  Other than some recurrent eczema which does not appear to be bothering her, all is well.  She is a happy little girl, and she is zooming through her milestones.  She rolls like L never did, babbles, wants to eat (or at least suck on) all the things, and is generally just a very happy baby.   We started solids a few days ago, and she is much more enthusiastic about it than L was at this age.

Last but not least, we were accepted to the outdoor preschool that was our number one choice, so finally, the preschool saga is over.  We were not accepted to our first choice days, which I believe is why it took them a while to notify us.  In any event, I’m very pleased and I’m hopeful L will thrive there.