I was woken up five times last night before 1 am.  At that point, I asked H to take over L’s wake-ups while I dealt with B.  L woke him up an additional two or three times.  Seriously.  Why can’t my 3-year-old sleep through the night?  I recently finished reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers, and we implemented everything we thought might be helpful, including the majority of the recommendations.  It’s been about a month, and it’s not working.  Most of these ideas are for getting her to sleep in the first place, and she goes down both at night and for her naps like a champ.  But staying asleep is just not happening.  Maybe the worst of it is that she wakes us with this wailing and screaming.  I have the white noise blasting for B, so it’s hard to hear, and when I’m listening to try and tell if she’s building up a wail / scream (she starts at low volume and gets louder), my heart starts racing, and my feet and legs start tingling.  Basically, I just have this all-over anxiety reaction.  It’s a terrible way to be woken up.  (When B wakes me up by stirring, then fussing, then crying depending on how quickly I respond, it’s completely different – so much better.)

Anyway, I just ordered the Ferber book.  He is famous for cry-it-out methods.  I hope to God he has something to say that will help, because I feel like this sleep problem is ruining our lives.  I am tired and can barely function during the day, H is tired, and L is tired and cranky.

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  1. Jen M

    Sleep is so important. For you, and for the kids. Have you talked with your pediatrician? Maybe there’s a sleep evaluation that could help.

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, I did talk to our pediatrician at her 3 year appointment. She did a UTI test as one of the major reasons L wakes up is to use the bathroom. It was negative. I guess I should call her back and ask for more suggestions. One thing she suggested that I need to work harder on is pushing water and fluids earlier in the day.

  3. C

    Some people don’t like cry it out (we did it for all our kids around 1) but really one of the best things you can do for your kids is teach them how to sleep. We had a bit of a problem with night wakings when my middle was 3. We coached him every night at bedtime that when he woke up in the night that he was to hug his stuffed animals and then go back to sleep. Also, my kids go to the bathroom at night and then go back to bed without waking me. Though that may come with age? My kids didn’t potty train until just before 3.

    My coworker’s 2 year old has trouble with night wakings and they use a sticker system that the kid gets a sticker every morning if he stays in bed all night. He trades the stickers in for iPad time.

  4. Rosa

    G has the same problem. We finally got him to stay in bed with the Onaroo alarm clock but he wakes up crying at least twice a night asking for me. Sometimes its nightmares, sometimes he just wants company. We have promised him iPad time if he stays in bed and does not call for us in the night. We shall see how this works…

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