Daily Archives: February 18, 2015


I was woken up five times last night before 1 am.  At that point, I asked H to take over L’s wake-ups while I dealt with B.  L woke him up an additional two or three times.  Seriously.  Why can’t my 3-year-old sleep through the night?  I recently finished reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers, and we implemented everything we thought might be helpful, including the majority of the recommendations.  It’s been about a month, and it’s not working.  Most of these ideas are for getting her to sleep in the first place, and she goes down both at night and for her naps like a champ.  But staying asleep is just not happening.  Maybe the worst of it is that she wakes us with this wailing and screaming.  I have the white noise blasting for B, so it’s hard to hear, and when I’m listening to try and tell if she’s building up a wail / scream (she starts at low volume and gets louder), my heart starts racing, and my feet and legs start tingling.  Basically, I just have this all-over anxiety reaction.  It’s a terrible way to be woken up.  (When B wakes me up by stirring, then fussing, then crying depending on how quickly I respond, it’s completely different – so much better.)

Anyway, I just ordered the Ferber book.  He is famous for cry-it-out methods.  I hope to God he has something to say that will help, because I feel like this sleep problem is ruining our lives.  I am tired and can barely function during the day, H is tired, and L is tired and cranky.