Daily Archives: February 8, 2015

grammy dresses

Am I the only one that likes ogling celebrities dressed to the nines?

I just do not find Beyonce as attractive as everyone else seems to.  This outfit is not figure flattering.  It reminds me of something someone might wear in mourning.

I kind of love this, though:

Taylor Swift looks kind of awesome as usual:

Sparkly black is just not doing it for me here either:

Why is Kim Kardashian wearing a bathrobe?

Is she dressed as a dominatrix or what?

I like the purple hair:

So restrained for Gaga.  So boring.

I wouldn’t (couldn’t, more accurately) wear it, but it’s Miley at least looks kind of interesting:

She is beautiful:

Wow, seriously ug!

Points for originality:


Worst outfit of the night?

Maybe a bit underdressed, but Jennifer Hudson does look very elegant:

Interesting, maybe in a good way:

No, THIS is the worst outfit of the night:

birthday preparations

L’s cold miraculously passed quickly, and none of the rest of us got sick.  How did that happen?  Can OCD hand-washing really work?  It doesn’t seem possible, but here we are.

I didn’t really feel like I had much time to do anything DIY, but I did cook.  The cupcakes are homemade using this recipe.  They are good but nothing to write home about, but them I’m not really a huge fan of chocolate cake or cupcakes.  L requested chocolate cake with blue icing.  We compromised on cupcakes, which I felt was a little easier.

I bought a banner off Amazon for over the window.  It turned out to be quite fiddly to put together, but I’m pleased with the final product.

Finally, we put decals on the windows.  (They are removable.)  A few had to be trimmed.  You can see that trimming a sticky sticker is not trivial.

Meanwhile, my next quilt is underway.  I decided to go with the all-green flower option.  I might go back and make the other one as well, depending on how much work it all turns out to be.