Daily Archives: February 6, 2015

this and that

That NBC guy who lied should lose his job.

There has been a minor fuss because a “plus-size” woman was featured in Sports Illustrated.  First, I am mildly annoyed with myself for even bringing attention to SI and their pornographic swimsuits.  But seriously, how is this woman in any way plus-sized?  Her bones are sticking out.  I guess she is “big-boned.”

Robin Lawley Sports illustrated plus size model

I really, really wish my preschooler would sleep through the night.  Barring that, I wish she would limit her middle-of-the-night wake-ups to one.

It is pouring buckets here right now which I regard as an excellent excuse not to run.

And a gratuitous baby picture:


green quilt options

I’m working on a quilt featuring green solid patchwork squares.  I’m thinking of either something like this – mixed greens with occasional flowers mixed in (and I’d probably exclude the browner and bluer greens):

Or a checkerboard with the greens intermixed with letter fabric:

The quilt is intended to be a baby quilt.  I kind of like them both, honestly, but it’s really hard to tell what it would look like on a larger scale.