Daily Archives: February 1, 2015

nearly three

L woke up sick this morning.  We’re planning a birthday party for her next Sunday, and I’m worried we’ll have to cancel it if we’re all sick next weekend.  We’ve only invited four families (which actually adds up to quite a lot of people), and two of them have children under the age of one, so I feel it’s not OK to expose them to illness.  Obviously, it’s never ideal to get people sick, but I feel you have to be especially careful with young kids.  L had no party last year because I was just incapable of organizing one due to feeling ill from pregnancy, and I really want to give her a little party this year.  I really hope she just has a cold and not the flu.  The flu has tailed off nationally, but it’s still very active in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s so hard to believe my little munchkin is nearly three.