Christmas In The Park

I finally finished the Christmas quilt I’ve been working on since late December.  The pattern is from the book Quilt a New Christmas by Piece o’ Cake designs.  I first saw the book shortly before I got pregnant with B, and I was determined to make this quilt.  However, I was too tired and sick to do it while pregnant, and it got put on the shelf for about a year.   To be honest, I’d lost some of my enthusiasm for the project over the last few months, but I was determined to check it off my to-do list and also to have a somewhat serious go at applique.

It turned out to be a lot of work.  As you can see from the photo, there are dozens of individual pieces of applique.  Each circle on the middle tree, for example, is a separate piece of applique.  Each piece had to be traced, cut out, ironed onto the applique fabric, cut out again, ironed onto the main quilt fabric, edge stitched, and then quilted.  I did the edge stitching and quilting in the same thread color as the applique pieces which meant eight or more thread changes first when edge stitching and then again when quilting.

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the quilt is very densely quilted.  I more or less copied the quilting done in the book, and it was a lot of work.  For example, each individual red and green stripe is quilted.  Each house, roof and tree is quilted.  The large red and white patterned areas are densely quilted.  It took several hours of quilting to get it all done.

I should take some more pictures of the quilting.  Late January is really not an ideal time in Seattle to be photographing anything.  I may try again when the weather improves a bit.  The colors really look a bit garish in these photos, whereas I feel in person they are more bright and cheerful.


Michael Miller – Garden Pindot Red, Holiday Funky Christmas Yule Trees, Ta Dot Berry

Debbie Mumm Jolly Christmas Snowflakes, Jolly Christmas Tonal Texture Red

Christmas Pure & Simple Multi Stripe Red, Multi Stripe Bamboo

Other – Farm to Fork Stripe Red, Elf on the Shelf Snowflakes, Flannel Polka Dots, Riley Blake Home for the Holidays Stripe Green, Christmas Scandi Star, Candy Cane Wide Stripe Red, Remix Tossed Dots Pear, Pimatex Basics Polka Dots Navy, Christmas Time North Pole Ditsy Hot Pink, Playtime Dots Green, Winter Warmth Flannel Small Floral Snowflakes, Moda 25th and Pine Yultide Ave, Season’s Greetings Tree & Reindeer Red


Aurifil Cotton Mako 50wt White

Radiant Threads Embroidery Thread


Quilter’s Dream Natural Cotton White Request

All in all, I’m happy to be done with this project and moving on to something else not involving applique or Christmas!